Irene Trucco

Irene Trucco was born in Campania, a land of innate natural and cultural beauties, a land of delights, but it is in Liguria, in the splendid Riviera that she spends her childhood until the age of 26, and then moves to Switzerland where she now lives and where she has been working for 18 years.

Noble Soul with a sensitive heart, since she was a child she has been looking for beauty and truth, appreciating their essence in every sense. She believes that beauty is by nature akin to truth, to good, to right. External beauty is only a pale reflection of light, if it is not supported by a state of total well-being.

Irene followings her feelings, and her passion for aesthetics in 2015 began her training course in Milan in one of the most famous Academies, BCM. The study of Make-up in all its expressions will lead her to deepen skin care studies, cosmetology, nutrition and work methodology over the years. She achieves top marks in her courses and a special praise in 2019.

Beauty is by nature akin to the True, the Good, the Right

The Training

She attends several Masters and specializations to keep up to date, stating that research and innovation are constantly changing: in this work, updating is essential.
Indian threading, lamination, eyelash perm, cosmetology and skin care are among the most requested services in her daily life.

Today Irene marries a line of high-level products:
FILLMED high technology, excellent raw materials. A brand present on the worldwide market since 1978.

Irene is the bride’s ideal friend for her make-up. She attends to many international Shooting, movie and theater events. Consultant and cosmetologist in Pharmacy. Feeling good and conveying wellness is the key to beauty.

Makeup is something that is used to hide, correct or even highlight the features of the face and our character. For Irene, make up is an art: her hands move lightly like a caress for the soul, abracadabra and as if by magic everything takes on a different light