Tailor-Made protocols

Ultra-specialized protocols to be applied in the cabin that use superficial peeling, cryotherapy and light therapy. Thanks to this range of formulas, the results are evident from the first sessions.

Each protocol combines the effectiveness of medical-aesthetic techniques with ultra-relaxing remodeling phases. The goal is to achieve visible results and a moment of fantastic relaxation, to feel good in your own skin, from the inside out.

Consultancy on FILLMED products, the world-famous brand of high-comsetic products that correct the signs of aging and improve the quality of the skin.

Cleansers and Peeling

Cosmetics designed to counteract the signs of skin aging by reactivating the brightness on dull and uneven skin. To purify the complexion and refine the skin texture.

Revitalizing and Regenerating

FILLMED high-quality cosmetic products, a unique formula, incomparable to improve the quality of the skin and to maintain skin youth.

Soothing and Protective

To soothe and protect the skin after an aesthetic treatment and to maintain and enhance the results of cosmetic treatments.

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