Beauty Expert

What are the most suitable cosmetic products for my face?
What are the best colors for my skin tone?

With a personalized consultation, you’ll have the answer to these questions and I’ll be able to recommend the products that best suit your needs, or solve specific skin problems like rosacea or acne.

I also specialize in corrective makeup, used to hide and correct facial imperfections.

Find out how to enhance every aspect of your beauty

Skin Care

An accurate diagnosis to recommend the specific product to combine with proper nutrition and personalized beauty treatments.

Corrective aesthetics

Heal and then correct. Quick retouching with natural effects thanks to non-invasive cutting-edge techniques.


Natural exfoliating scrub to emphasize their natural tone and color. Hyaluronic acid for a volume effect.

Eyebrow Lamination

Choose the correct shape and color to create the right balance with our facial features to give depth to the look.

Lash Lift

Curl of the lashes for a permanent mascara effect. It nourishes, hydrates and colors.


The Indian Threading technique so widespread among Arab women. Excellent for its perfection to outline and to remove even the fluff.

Bridal Make-Up

It is important for the bride to express the top of her personality and make-up is a a decisive element for the look that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be natural even with a nude effect or it can be more intense and magnetic with a smokie eyes effect.

There are so many important aspects: the make-up must be photogenic, without transforming the expression too much, beautiful both live and in photos. It is important to create a perfect long lasting base avoiding graphics effects , with perfect soft shades. Retouching is absolutely important, after kisses, tears and a lot of emotion.

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