Make Up

Make-Up is something that is used to hide, correct or even highlight the features of the face and our character. For Irene, making up is an art: her hands move lightly like a caress for the soul, abracadabra and as if by magic everything takes on a different light.

I have always worked in Television, Wedding, Photography, Advertising, Fashion and Cinema and I specialize in Bridal, Shooting, Corrective, Personalized, Beauty for day and evening make-up.

Personalised Make-Up

Personalised Make-Up based on the characteristics of the woman’s face and personality. Day and evening make-up, to be perfect on any occasion.

Bridal Make-Up

For the wedding day, but not only. I will guide you in a path of skin preparation to be even more splendid on your wedding day.

Corrective Make-up

This type of makeup is specific to correct facial imperfections, always using high quality products for a well-groomed and healthy skin.

Movie Make-Up

I also specialize in make-up for movie and theater sets, for television studios and fashion shooting and backstage.

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